Guaranteed For Life

Nothing lasts forever. That's what they tell you. But at Royal we challenge that idea, offering the “Guaranteed for Life” warranty on any set of Royal trucks. Of course this excludes the normal wear-and-tear you might accrue from regular thrashing, but if that kingpin snaps, or something else that is out of this world happens to your truck, we got you. Just put your compromised truck in the mail and we will replace it immediately.

All Royal Trucks distributed by Crailtap are backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Crailtap will replace any Royal Trucks that break due to a manufacturing defect (i.e. defect in materials, etc). This does not include normal wear and tear, or improper use. The returns department at Girl will examine the returned truck to ensure it meets these requirements. If the truck has been abused no replacement will be sent. Any return received without the sales receipt will not be honored. If the returned truck is no longer in stock you will receive a replacement that is the same size and shape.

To start the return process, please send a photo of your truck and the sales receipt to: